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Corey’s Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated company. We strive to be the best trash removal service in New Orleans. We offer competitive prices and superior services. We believe by providing exceptional service and convenient pick-up times, we are the clear-cut choice for junk removal in New Orleans . To get started today, just fill out a form or give us a call. After talking with one of our technicians, you may be asked to email or text us a picture of what you have for us to pick up. Once we receive the information, we will do our best to give you an instant quote over the phone. Once a price is agreed upon, your pickup can be scheduled. Our drivers will call you 15 minutes before arrival.

We look forward to being able to serve you for years to come as the top junk removal business in New Orleans.

Residential Junk Removal in New Orleans

Before you even ask, the answer is yes. We serve the entire New Orleans area in residential junk removal. Corey’s Furniture and Debris Removal also travel to Jefferson Parish, St Bernard Parish, and other parishes as well. If you have junk in or around your home, New Orleans Junk Removal is the company to call. We do our best to meet everyone’s needs. With that being said, we also care about the environment. Whenever we make a pick-up, we make sure to follow all the necessary disposal protocols.

We pride ourselves in only using ethical disposable techniques. That way you can rest assured you are not hurting the environment while using our service.  When you choose to do business with us, you are using the most affordable and reliable junk removal service in the city.

Our company provides an essential service to homeowners around the city. Whether you are starting a new project or just doing some spring cleaning, make sure to call in the professionals.

Commercial Service

Not only do we serve residential customers, but we also serve commercial clients as well. We love our commercial clients and do our best to make removing unwanted junk, debris, and furniture as easily as possible. We know that it can be difficult to arrange work to be done during business hours. That is why we offer our commercial client’s after-hours removals. We will work with management staff and supervisors to arrange an easy and hassle-free removal. To get a commercial quote, all it takes is one phone call to arrange a free quote.

Give us a call today if you need anything removed. We can remove commercial furniture such as desks, chairs, old file cabinets, and even old printers and electronic equipment. If it can be moved, we can remove it. And, as always, our customers satisfaction is guaranteed. All it takes to get started is a quick call or just fill out an online form, and one of our team members will get back in touch with you within 24 hours or less.


Competitive Rates

We do our best to keep our rates highly competitive. We will do our best to meet all your needs.

Convenient scheduling

Only off on weekends? Not a problem. Give us a call and we will work it out.

Open Weekends

That’s right! You can schedule on weekends. If you need a weekend pick-up make sure to call the pros.

Serving multiple Cities

We serve multiple cities in South East Louisiana. If you need something moved give us a call now.

New Orleans Junk Removal

Our company provides our local community with a multitude of services. From junk removal to structure demolitions, we have you covered. We know what it is like when things get busy. Sometimes our lives can get away from us. Therefore, we sometimes put things we must do on the backburner. If that is you and you need a little help catching up on getting rid of that old junk, just give New Orleans Junk Removal a call.

When you call New Orleans Junk Removal, you will talk to one of our professional staff members. While on the phone, we will find out some Important information about your project such as location, name, email, phone number, and of course, how much junk you need to be removed. Once all that is figured out, our crew will come to you. Our highly skilled and professional junk removers (yes, we are highly skilled) will come to your location and handle business. Check out some of the things we can pick up and get rid of for you.

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal

There is nothing better than sleeping on a new comfortable mattress. I remember the last time I slept on a new mattress. About one hour into my nap, the manager woke me up and asked me to leave the store. It stunk that I did not get to finish my nap. But you know what is worse? Getting rid of the old one.

Mattresses and box springs are heavy and cumbersome. Lastly, most local trash disposal companies will not pick them up, leaving you stranded with an oversized paperweight. Luckily, our company can help. All it takes is one call to us, and we will schedule a pick-up time and get rid of your old mattress and box spring. Do not worry. We have you covered.


Hot Tub Disposal

We all love a good soak in a nice hot after a long day. But let’s face it, after a few years your hot tub gets used less and less. Eventually, something breaks on it and it is not worth fixing. When this happens it can become a real job to get it removed.

When the time comes to finally get that hot tub removed make sure and call the pros. Our workers at New Orleans Junk Removal can drain, disconnect, and dispose of your old hot tub. Give the pros today to get a free hot tub removal estimate today.

Junk Removal in New Orleans

You know sometimes things just pile up. Whether it is time to clean out your attic or empty out your garage, New Orleans Junk Removal is here for you. We can handle all that heavy lifting for you. We know it can be a pain trying to save something that you may find use for later. Fast forward a few years.  All those good intentions have turned into clutter. If you happen to come to your senses and are ready to get the house cleared out, let the pros do it for you. We can take old toys, exercise equipment, boxes, bags, broken appliances, and furniture.

Since opening, we have gotten some calls to pick up strange things. Old cars, ½ thick pieces of glass, mixed paint, old lawn equipment, and some items we probably should not mention. But the point of our story is that we are a group of individuals who get the job done. Call us today and let us haul away your garbage. We serve the entire New Orleans area.

Yard Waste Removal 

There are few things that compare to a home with a beautiful garden. But gardens take a lot of work.  Sometimes it is easier to just remove and start over. While we are not a landscaping company, we are pretty good at ripping stuff out the ground and throwing things away.

So, you are planning on doing some gardening. If you have yard debris that needs to be removed, our service pros can help. From garden tear-outs to fence removal, we are your removal experts.

If you are looking for a clean slate in your yard, we can remove old fencing, decks, patio covers, and more.

Dumpster Rental 


Sometimes you have to tackle a project yourself. When that is the case it may be easier to rent a temporary dumpster for your project. Roll-off dumpsters are great for short term renovation or demolition projects. Maybe you are doing a kitchen remodel or cleaning out a foreclosed home. A temporary dumpster is a convenient way to get rid of a large amount of debris and junk quickly. 

New Orleans Junk works with a variety of rental companies that offer competitive rates for your project. Call us today to get a dumpster dropped off at your home or job-site.

Furniture Removal

Got some old furniture? Need it removed? Call us today. We know how exciting it can be when you purchase new furniture. But the problem with new furniture is that you must get rid of the old. 

When old furniture must go, call a pro! All it takes is a quick call, and we will do our best to get you a quote over the phone. We do encourage that furniture that is still in good condition be donated or given away. However, if the furniture is unusable, we will be glad to take it away for you. We look forward to helping you with your sofa removal in New Orleans 


House and Apartment Cleanouts

Being a rental property owner has many benefits. But one of the downfalls of owning a rental is the need to keep up with it. We find when most people get evicted or move out of an apartment, they tend to leave things behind.

Often, these things can just be tossed into the garbage. But on rare occasions, large items or large amounts of trash are left behind give us a call. So, you can move on and find the perfect tenant.

Appliance Removal

Maybe it is time to get rid of those old appliances. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get rid of these large and bulky appliances. Often, the local trash man will not pick these appliances up from the curb. If you call New Orleans Junk Removal, you can trust that our pros will promptly remove and properly dispose of your unwanted appliances. Due to the government-regulated disposal practices, the extra cost may be applied for pick-up.

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Getting it Done for You

We know what it’s like to have things to do. Sometimes we just need a little help. Let our crew of professional haulers help take some the burden of having to remove old junk away for you. Check out some our recent reviews, and hear from owr owner below.

Corey’s Furniture and Debris Removal has You Covered, Let us do all the heavy Lifting. Our team has all the necesary equipment to get your job done. When you choose New Orleans Junk Removal, just sit back watch us get it done. Why wait a second longer. Call us today!

How much is junk Removal?
While there is no set pricing scale. Most removal jobs start at $80. While the average junk removal will cost between $100-$200 dollars. Large apartment and storage cleanouts will increase by the amount of volume taken out.
Do you tip Junk Removers?
While our crew does work hard to make sure you get the service you have paid for, tipping is not expected. But our crews live being tipped for a job well done.
Do Junk Removers take paint?
It Depends… If the paint is properly sealed our drivers will accept paint. While most landfills do not take paint we make sure to dispose of or recycle it responsibly.
Who is the cheapest junk removal near me?
While we do not know our competitors rate, we can assure you that our prices are competitive and we will do our best to beat any price. For a free quote give us a call today.
Do you recycle?

Our service pros always make sure that everything picked up makes it to the proper place. Metal and motors will be dropped off at recycling plants. Mattresses will be disposed of following city and state regulations. We do our best to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Do you have insurance?

All our drivers and laborers carry the proper insurance to keep themselves and our clients protected.

How quickly can you do the job?

Unfortunately, our schedule can get filled pretty quickly. We do our best to try and meet everyone’s needs along with their schedule. We can promise our clients one thing. That we will do our best to help.

I am so thankful for New Orleans Junk Removal. We recently moved into a new place. There were some old car parts left in the yard that was very heavy. All it took was one call for them to give me a quote. They came right over to my home in the French Quarter and took it away.

Jone Diaz

They did a great job. I had to evict a tenant from my rental home in Gentilly, New Orleans. They pulled out clothes, furniture, and old worn-out appliances for a great price. Will definitely be saving their number for future use.

David Smith

I called New Orleans Junk for a shed removal/ We had an old metal shed that we were replacing. They came on a Saturday and had it removed quickly. 5 stars all around.

Janet Chavez

Get it taken care of with just one call!

Structure Demo and Removal

Whether you are starting a new construction project or just need more space in your backyard we can help. New Orleans Junk Removal can demo and Remove wood and metal structures.

Concrete Demo and Removal

We are not your normal junk removal company. We have licensed and insured pros that can not only remove but haul off old and cracked cement flatwork. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Junk Removal isn’t just our job it is our passion. Make sure to check out our trusted partners across the Country.

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