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Structure Removal and Removal

New Orleans Junk Removal is not only your junk removal experts, but we also specialize in structure removal. If you have an old shed or garage that is falling down or needing to be removed, call us today. Structure demolition can be dangerous and oftentimes very difficult to take on. That is why we are proud to offer structured demolition to the entire New Orleans area. If it’s time to remove that shed and make room for something else, give New Orleans Junk Removal a call today. Our skilled technicians will come out, measure your structure, and provide a quote for demolition and removal.

Upon the removal of your structure, our crew can also remove any existing slab or concrete that may be left over. We pride ourselves in our professional service and cleanliness.


Structure removal

Why Choose Us

Our technicians have been in the construction field for many years and have the experience necessary to properly and safely take down and demolish your structure. We have the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Not only do we demolish structures such as sheds, garages, pergolas, and awnings, but we also can remove above ground pools, hot tubs, and play equipment as well as demo fences and even old concrete work.

If you have a large structure that needs to be removed, our pros can get it done. The process for most structure removals begins with the roof. With the roof removed then it is safe to begin to tear down the walls. We do this by removing any sheeting first, and then we begin to remove the wood structure of the wall. Lastly, the subfloor comes out along with any concrete slab that may need to be removed. Once all of the material is hauled away, your yard will be raked, and all small debris picked up and disposed of.

Temporary Dumpster Rental

If your structure is large and requires a temporary dumpster to be used, New Orleans Junk Removal will take care of everything. We will line up the delivery and removal of a temporary dumpster so that we can get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Concrete and Flat Work Removal

If you have an old driveway or sidewalk or even an old foundation from where a structure once sat, New Orleans Junk Removal can get it removed for you. Our pros use specialized equipment to break up, cut, and remove existing concrete. The process consists of either cutting or breaking up the concrete into small manageable pieces that can be hauled off with a dumpster or a trailer. Most jobs take only one day to complete from start to finish. Once we are finished, your property will be cleaned, swept, and raked.

concrete removal in New orleans

Structure Demolition

Demolition Methods and Types

There are different types of demolition. New Orleans Junk Removal specializes in interior demolition, selective demolition, dismantling/destruction, and total. Below will go into greater detail so that you will have a better understanding about what it is that we can accomplish for you.

interior demolition in New orleans

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is taking apart of portions of the inside while leaving the exterior structure intact. This is usually done in preparation for a renovation project such as a kitchen or bath remodel.

structure removal in New Orleans

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is exactly what it sounds like. It involves removing specific interior and exterior portions of the space while protecting the remaining structure.

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Dismantling / Destruction

This is the method most often used by New Orleans Junk Removal. This method implements a careful dismantling of your structure from top to bottom. Although this method is more labor-intensive than demolition, it is often the only way to go.

pile of wooden debris

Total Demolition

Total demolition is pretty self-explanatory. This is where the structure was once there and is no longer. Some tools that could be used are saws, skid steers, and more.


So, if you are in the need of having concrete removed, give New Orleans Junk Removal a call today. We also work with licensed concrete contractors in the New Orleans area that can install concrete flat work such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. So, if you are in the need for anything to do with concrete, whether it be installation or removal, give us a call.



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