Tips on Cleaning Up Foreclosed Estates Quickly and Efficiently

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First, visit the property to find valuables and store and remove important items. Make an appointment with our team for a free estimate on junk removal before beginning the clean-out process – be prepared to point out the trash that needs to be removed from your residence. 

Once we’ve discussed the details of your project with you, our crew will complete it quickly and respectfully. The junk will be hauled away without damaging any property on-site. Jobs are typically completed within 1 business day – sometimes more, depending on how large they may be or if multiple trips are needed to haul junk away from different locations simultaneously! We know this process might seem emotionally difficult for some people, so don’t hesitate to ask about what needs to be done before starting work.

Corey’s Debris and Furniture Removal offer quick work that our competitors unmatch. We always arrive on time and make sure to treat your property with care while completing the job efficiently so you can focus on more important things during this difficult period of cleaning up your property. Book a free estimate today!

Six tips to cleaning out a cluttered home.

1. Don’t wait 

A clean house is a happy home! It may not happen overnight, but the first step to cleaning your house starts by ensuring you can see what’s underfoot at all times without tripping over anything or running into things when turning corners in rooms. The next important thing is to make any necessary decisions about items strewn around and throw them away- whether they are trash or something that needs moving from one place to another within the household space. If there isn’t an easy solution for it yet — like if someone left their dirty dishes along with last night’s dinner on the table after leaving– grab some paper towels and clean it. 

2. Clean up 15 minutes daily

The first thing you should do each day is to spend 15 minutes cleaning your house. You can make a weekly schedule and clean one room daily if that’s what it takes to get motivated. Many people who suffer from accumulation disorder don’t know how to remove items immediately, and so they let them pile up until there are no more spaces left in the home or office space, which ends up being very stressful for everyone involved, including yourself because you’re running out of storage options quickly! There are many ways to dispose of unnecessary items – some better than others, but it doesn’t matter as long as things go somewhere other people won’t see or find them again easily.

3. Throw away items, even if they can be repurposed.

If you’re looking for a quick way to clean up your countertops and tables, try throwing away old groceries or empty bottles. If you want an easy and effective solution for tidying up the messes in your kitchen, take out those abandoned foods from last week’s grocery shopping spree (or trash them) and any spare containers lying around.

4. If you haven’t needed it, get rid of it.

Throw away anything you don’t need to use within the following year. Items kept for over a year are usually related to low-value things like old newspapers, bills, receipts, paper, plastic bags, or damaged equipment. Following this guideline will help avoid unnecessary piles of clothing that have been sitting in your closet since high school but never worn again and kitchen utensils piling up from when you made one too many batches of casserole which ended up going bad before it could be eaten. And if there is an ever-expanding pile of children’s toys filling every corner, then maybe think about cleaning them out – after all, these aren’t things they’re likely to miss!

5. Use the OHIO” technique.

“Only Handle It Once,” To be successful, you should take the OHIO approach. This allows for prioritizing what needs to be done first and clearing out inboxes orderly. The method is simple: once something has been tackled, it’s no longer on your list of tasks, so there won’t be any more distractions or procrastination when trying not to do work that still requires attention.

6. Be Patient

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but sometimes we face undesirable circumstances that must be dealt with. When cleaning up your office space and house in preparation for a move or sale, you must make all financial documents accounted for so that next year’s taxes can be filed correctly. Life insurance policies? Check! Inheritance certificates? Double-check! Bank statements? Triple check (to ensure they actually contain money). And don’t forget about stock certificates either – these things might seem like not much more than fancy pieces of paper now, but who knows what will happen down the line when stocks inevitably crash again? It takes courage to face our personal demons head-on- especially if this includes going through years of documents. Take your time and take breaks. Who knows what you might find? Maybe a diamond in the rough.

7. Contact a Junk removal service for help

We’re here to help you take your house back. You’ve lived in a cluttered, messy house for too long, and it’s time to take control of the situation. Our team will clean up all that junk so you can finally have peace of mind. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! We’ll remove any furniture or debris from your property at no cost to you; call today. It doesn’t matter what type of mess is involved; we’ll handle it quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Call today to book a free estimate on a  hoarder and estate clean-out to see how much our services would be worth!

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